Metal additives

PrithviChar–Refined coconut shell charcoal

Charcoal is produced by pyrolysis – burning coconut shells in the absence of oxygen. This Charcoal undergoes three levels of product refinement process. In the first step, the material is cleaned and all un-burnt impurities are removed and the fibres are separated. In stage two the moisture is reduced and in the third and final stage of refinement, the volatile matter is reduced. A formulated set process is adopted to develop refined charcoal which has higher carbon, and lower moisture and volatile matter.

Material data sheet –

Parameter Value
Moisture < 3%
Volatile matter < 12%
Ash < 2%
Fixed Carbon 80% minimum
Sulphur < 0.05%
Phosphorus Nil
Packing 20kg, 30kg , Point of Use (PoU) packing available
Lead time for supply 7 days
Minimum order quantity 1000 kg (1MT)
Price Available on request

Advantages of usage over widely available material

  • Ø Low impurities – lesser slag formation
  • Ø Higher carbon – lesser material requirement
  • Ø Lower moisture – better yield of material

PriCPC-Calcined Pet Coke

PriCPC – is Calcined petroleum coke. This product is not manufactured in house. When raw-coke is calcined, we obtain CPC. The raw-coke is a product of the coking unit in a crude oil refinery. The material has typical application in steel plants and iron foundries for addition into liquid metal.

Material data sheet –

Parameter Value
Moisture < 0.5%
Volatile matter < 8%
Ash < 3%
Fixed Carbon 90% minimum
Packing 40 kg bags

PrithviGrap-Graphite Granules

PriGRA01 – is Graphite Granules. This product is not manufactured in house. Graphite is one of the most stable forms of carbon. Graphite granules with us are processed from spent graphite electrodes that are broken down into granular form. The material is widely used in foundries and special steel manufacturers for carbon addition in liquid metal.

Material data sheet –

Parameter Value
Moisture < 0.5%
Volatile matter < 1%
Ash < 1%
Fixed Carbon 97% minimum
Packing 50 kg bags

PriSLAG C Slag Co-agulant

PriSLAG C – is a slag coagulant. The material removes the slag from liquid metal. The material mainly consists of perlite ore and used widely as a slag remover for Iron – SG iron, Cast Iron and for steel. Our material is available in 40kg bags.

PriINL-Ladle covering compound

PriINL – is a ladle covering compound/ ladle insulation material. The material is available in different granular size and composition. Both Silica base and Alumina base materials are available. The material spread itself over liquid metal in ladle and reduces the loss of heat that will occur due to radiation loss. Packing of this material can be in 10kg, 15kg or 20 kg bags. Low moisture of less than 2% and loss on ignition of 12% - 15% are the typical features of this product.



We have all the essential and advance machinery to ensure maximum production. We have in-house research and development facilities as well. We believe in offering quality products according to the demands of time and place.

Quality assurance


Exquisite quality and purity are the terms that define our products. We are witnessing a growing demand for our products simply because we never compromise on quality. Good packaging is another aspect of our high quality products.

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