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Pometon S.p.A is a market leader in the manufacture of Stainless Steel Shots, Grit and metal powders ,having over 75 years of experience in manufacture and supply of Stainless Steel Shot , grit & metal powders for various applications . Please visit our web site for more information

Pometon S.p.A has two manufacturing facilities, one in Italy and the other in Serbia and it has five wholly owned subsidiaries in various parts of Europe. However, a strategic decision has now been taken by the company to expand its area of operation outside Europe and India has been chosen to be a hub in Asia for its activities in this part of the world.
Pometon is a very unique company in the world in the sense that it is the best producer of Stainless Steel Shots in various grades selling with the brand name GRANINOX.

Most Popular grades of Stainless Steel Shot are :
GRANINOX Cr Ni –(304 Grade S.S Shot) ( Low Hardness with Austenitic Microstructure).-LPDC,HPDC,GDC,PDC, Zinc Casting, Forging, Alloy Steel, Wire rod Cleaning, Steel Casting, Stainless steel casting, Stainless steel fabrication, Aluminium extrusion channels etc.
GRANINOX Cr LN-(204 Grade S.S Shot) ( Low Hardness with Austenitic / Ferritic Microstructure).- Aluminum Extrusion Channels, LPDC,HPDC,GDC,PDC, Forging, Brass forging, Brass casting etc.
GRANINOX Cr –(410 S.S Series ) ( Medium Hardness with Martensitic Microstructure).-Aluminum Casting, Zinc Casting, LPDC,HPDC,GDC,PDC, Investment casting etc.
GRANINOX CrH ( High Hardness with Martensitic with Chrome carbides Microstructure)- LPDC,HPDC,GDC,PDC, FORGING



We have all the essential and advance machinery to ensure maximum production. We have in-house research and development facilities as well. We believe in offering quality products according to the demands of time and place.

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Exquisite quality and purity are the terms that define our products. We are witnessing a growing demand for our products simply because we never compromise on quality. Good packaging is another aspect of our high quality products.

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